Ayurvedic Treatment for Heart Blockages – Diet

Diet and Exercise is a very important part of the Ayurvedic Treatment for Heart Blockages

Exercise includes Yoga and Pranayama. Diet is a very complex component in itself as the patient is not able to understand what to eat and what to avoid. There are many diet charts available online for a heart patient, obviously, the individual patient’s condition is different so please consult the doctor before start following any diet indications.

Definitely you can use some of the general diet practice, home remedies to control your problems and control complications of heart disease.

There are many herbal home remedies that help to reduce cholesterol levels.

We have prepared one such video for all those patients who are willing to fight the disease. It will tell you what is good for you, which is bad for you (as a patient) in otherwise healthy food.

You can watch the video and Surely contact us for any queries. This has been prepared by our expert doctors and dietician.

So Take Charge and Fight the Disease and Don’t Let it Win.

Please watch

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