I am Vibha, a patient of kidney failure, permanent resident of Belgium. My sister lives in Ludhiana (India) from whom I got to know about the role of Ayurvedic medicines in the treatment of renal failure. My Creatinine (8.4) & urea (92 mg/dl) was high for few months & doctors there in Belgium were going to start dialysis. They even introduced stunt in my left hand. On my sister’s advice, I came to India for treatment with Dr. Shridhar Aggarwal. He gave Ayurvedic medicine which repaired and rejuvenated my renal epithelium. I am happy as my Urea is 40 & Creatinine is 1.5 now and am continuing the treatment for last 5 years & living better. My hemoglobin is 11mg/dl. Even the doctors at Belgium were surprised with my latest reports. After the treatment my way of life has improved. I am really thankful to Dr. Shridhar Aggarwal for his sincere efforts & for saving my life.

I am Pankaj Sharma from Jaipur. I was suffering from renal failure since 2008. I was having a stressful job which led to high BP for years. I was not even able to walk. Even after allopathic treatment it was not under control. I was having dialysis thrice a week. My condition was deteriorating day by day. Doctors at a hospital in Delhi told to go for renal replacement. Then I got to know about Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Centre from a patient who was treated for renal failure. I am on medication from Dr. Aggarwal from last 6 months & my dialysis has been reduced to twice a week & my condition is getting better. I am able to walk, work & live a normal life. There are numerous places where this type of treatment is being done but the Ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure here is the best one.

I am R. S. Singh from Pune. I was suffering from CRF since 2 years and was going for dialysis. I got to know about Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Panchakarma and Research Centre through the internet. My values for Urea & Creatinine were 116 & 9.8mg/dl at the time I started my medicine. I was not able to walk properly or to pass stools. I am now on Dr. Aggarwal’s medicine for 7 months & I am feeling a lot better. Dialysis frequency is reduced from twice a week to once a month. Thanks to Dr. Aggarwal’s team for their sincere efforts. I am still continuing the Ayurvedic treatment for renal failure.

Four years ago, I, Kuldeep Singh age 50 yrs. suffered from high blood pressure and went to a civil hospital in Kharar & PGI. Doctors at PGI told me that high blood pressure has damaged my kidneys. Over a year ago I suffered from breathlessness and went to PGI. They made a fistula in my arm and started dialysis. I was on permanent dialysis every three days. Then I came to know about Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Centre. After taking their treatment and medicine and following all the lifestyle and diet management I am feeling better now. Regular tests show a positive report and this makes me feel more alive.

My name is Col. Harpreet Singh age 66. I am a retired army officer and now run a school in Punjab, India. I was suffering from kidney failure. I came to know about Dr. Aggarwal’s Centre through a relative and this turned into a life saving experience. I am on my way to complete recovery through their treatment. I do not need dialysis anymore and my S. Creatinine level has dropped from 8.2 to 2.1. If a person needs help with their kidney problems, I can’t think of a better place than Dr. Aggarwal’s Centre. Ayurvedic kidney failure treatment is done best here. God bless the team of doctors.

Hello, I am Dr. Avtar Singh age 50 and I work in Govt. Dispensary, Himachal Pradesh. When I was diagnosed with kidney problems I went to PGI, Chandigarh. My Creatinine level was recorded at 8.6 and I was put on immediate dialysis. I learned about Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Hospital and how they treat chronic kidney problems. But I had never imagined that Treatment for kidney failure in Ayurveda is possible, but when I have taken treatment, within 60 days, Creatinine levels returned to normal. Now I feel very well and I don’t have any more problems. Thanks to Dr. Aggarwal for his Ayurvedic medicine for renal disease which does wonders.

I am Rishi kapoor age 45, I am a resident of Dubai & deal in sales there. My kidney function slowly & steadily deteriorated in last ten years. I have been treated with steroids in Ludhiana from a renowned doctor. My urine examination report showed the presence of lot of protein in urine. My brother heard about Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Centre. Then we visited this place where Dr. Handa & Dr. Shridhar guided us that I have glomerulus nephritis & doctors have not treated well & they have been taking our case lightly which further damaged my kidneys. They have given me medicine which I am consuming for last 5 months which has decreased urea from 124 to 40 & Creatinine from 5.8 to 1.4. Now I am living well, all the symptoms of renal failure have diminished. AAPRC‘s Ayurvedic medicine for kidney failure did wonders for me & I recommend every patient who’s suffering from such kind of disease should take this medicine & save their kidney.