When will DIALYSIS stop?

Depends on patient’s condition and response to the treatment.The size of kidney is also important for the proper effect of the treatment.

I am thinking of transplant. What should I do?

We can control Urea and Creatinine levels with medication. Urine protein will also be controlled. Dialysis can even be stopped. So NO need of TRANSPLANT ever. Our medicine repairs and rejuvenates renal parenchyma & it also supports kidney function.

Does your medicine help if kidney has failed again after transplant?

Yes. We do have cases where our medicine has given remarkable results after transplant. Even after 2 transplants kidneys failed and our medicine helped to recover.

Will kidney be normal again?

An organ has been damaged. First, extent to which damage has been done plays a crucial role. Slowly and steadily kidneys will recover. Our medicine repairs and rejuvenates renal parenchyma

Constipation, skin allergy other problems are there. What we can do?

Whatever associated complications are will be taken care of in our treatment.

Does your medicine contain steroids, bhasmas/heavy metals?

No, we don’t recommended any heavy metals to Kidney Failure Patients.

What will be the diet?

We will share diet chart as per the patient’s condition analyzed from reports. For general diet for kidney patients you can view our video on diet on youtube.com by the name of Dr. Shridhar Aggarwal.

Do I need to go for Haemoglobin injections?

Depends on the analysis made from patient’s reports. Haemoglobin levels.

Which reports we need to share?

HB, Urea, Creatinine, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorous
Urine Routine Examination
Ultrasound/ CT
If Diabetic Nephropathy


If Hypertensive Nephropathy

BP Chart