Which reports we need to share?

Blood reports, Biopsy, Treatment procedure currently patient is taking, Doctors prescription, PET-CT and MRI.

What will be the diet?

After complete analysis of the case, our dietician will prepare a complete diet chart that will help to control the complications and improve patient’s condition.

Hair loss, reduced platelet count, constipation, skin allergy other problems are there. What we can do?

We do have some medications and some home remedies, kadhas that will help to control these complications of the disease and chemotherapy. Please view our blog cancernayurveda@blogspot.in for more information.

Does your medicine contain steroids, bhasmas/heavy metals?

No steroids are there in our medicine. Ayurvedic medicine is herbo- mineral medicine. It does involve the preparations of Bhasmas as without it our treatment for dissolving Cancer Mass is incomplete. Bhasmas if made according to ancient Ayurvedic texts does not have any negative side effects.