I Krishan Lal Goyal age 65, have been suffering from CHF & Left Ventricular Ejaculation Fraction (LVEF) 15%. Doctors advised me to go for surgery but I read about Ayurvedic treatment for cardiac problems and decided to follow that only. With proper advice & treatment offered by Dr. Aggarwal I got relief in 45 days. Subsequently other related problems like breathlessness, heaviness in chest, pain in chest disappeared. I am living a normal life now with some regular medications.

I Kuldeep Singh, age 45 have been suffering with Angina for last 6 months & doctors prescribed a list of medicines but all in vain as the pain never stopped. Then I took Ayurvedic treatment & lifestyle management programme at Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Centre which changed my life & I got rid of my disease & medicines. Now after 3 months of treatment I am really happy & living disease free life.

I, I M S Mattoo, age 62 have been operated upon thrice for Bypass Surgery. I was put on high dose of statins & another attack could have been life threatening. I read about Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Panchakarma and Research Centreon internet, then met Dr. Aggarwal and followed Ayurvedic heart blockages treatment for about 3 months. My medicine & associated heart problems have vanished now. Thanks for his sincere efforts & service towards humanity.

I, H S Virdi, age 35 have been diagnosed with 90% blockage of 3 main arteries in the heart. I was advised bypass by an esteemed allopathic doctor of Fortis. I was afraid of going for the same & then I heard about Dr. Aggarwal providing Ayurvedic treatment for heart blockages. I came in contact with Dr. Aggarwal through a patient whose blockages were already cleared. Doctors at AAPRC treated me with medications & yoga by which I am able to live happier & disease free life. All symptoms like heart burn, chest heaviness, pain, breathlessness diminished after 2 weeks of medicine. I followed all his precautions & was able to do Yoga as well, it yielded very good results. I was surprised that a simple lifestyle management program could help me so much to get rid of my problems. I again went for Cardiac Assessment as directed by Dr. Aggarwal after 2 months & in that assessment there was no blockages at all. Thanks to Dr. Aggarwal who saved my life.

I am Kuldeep Singh Mann, age 79 from Ludhiana, I suffered from main Artery blockage which was not treated till date coz I was very lean & thin. I refused doctors at DMC & was looking for some better alternative. My daughter in Chandigarh told about Dr. Aggarwal treating Heart Blockages. Then I came here in Chandigarh for the treatment. He has successfully treated my problem of constipation & even stopped my statins as well. I have got my Angiography done again with the same doctor & the results were negative, there was no blockage at all. I think there is no better place where heart blockages ayurvedic treatment is being done so successfully. Kudos to dr. Aggarwal for providing support to patients like us. I am now living well, able to walk freely & following his lifestyle management programme.