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Heart Disease

Heart disease at a young age is not due to natural reasons but our own poor lifestyle and eating habits. The heart is the primary organ in the body performing the vital function of blood circulation. Ayurveda emphasizes not only its physical role but the spiritual role also. Ayurveda maintains heart care is really important for a healthy living.

Causes of Heart Disease

According to Ayurveda, the heart is located in the heart chakra (Anahata chakra). This is a physical heart. Mind (Mann), emotions & soul also reside in Anahata chakra. That is why there is not only physical organ heart or physical things like eating habits that cause heart disease. But there is more to that which unfortunately is not much considered in the modern world. As the mind is also located in the same area, the mind also affects the physical heart.

Today we are more stressed, hectically occupied with our work, we don’t have time to relax and rejuvenate. We need to take care of the mind in order to take care of the heart. There are three properties of mana (mind) – satva, rajas & tamas. Satva is the property that keeps it quite, relaxed & healthy. When the mind has rajas & tamas guna, it is stressed, negative and this is not good for our heart. The same has been proved through research that stress & negativity creates negative pressure on the heart & many times it leads to cardiac arrest. That’s why we have to live healthily & think healthy. Eat satavic ahaar, follow satavic lifestyle, satavic thoughts for a healthy heart.



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Ayurveda Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis
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