I, Swadesh Sharma age 39 yrs. of Amritsar have been suffering from spinal cancer since 3 years. I was having acute back pain & constipation. I went for many treatments but no results, finally it was evolved that I am suffering from a dreaded disease which can’t be cured. I then consulted Dr. Aggarwal’s Centre for the same. I never went through chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Dr. Aggarwal insisted for the allopathic treatment but I had sound faith on Ayurveda & Dr. Aggarwal. He has given a holistic treatment for three months after that I am 90% good with the symptoms & my test have also become negative. One could never expect such treatment for cancer in Ayurveda. Thanks to Dr. Aggarwal for his efforts. Have faith on your doctor and the treatment. Faith & trust on Doctor plays a major role as medicine to cure you.



I am Harshdeep Singh, age 51 yrs. I was diagnosed with Sarcoma in 2005. After a long term allopathic treatment & surgeries in 2006 & 2007, it reoccurred in 2008. I went for Radiation Therapy in 2009. Then I went for Ayurvedic Cancer Treatment with Dr. Aggarwal’s Research Centre and continued it for 7 months. There is remarkable recovery and relief from pain and no increase in the size of tumor. I am working like a normal individual now with some regular medications. Thanks to Dr. Aggarwal who gave me hope that I could still fight with cancer and became a winner.



I am Simran Kaur age 42 yrs. I was diagnosed with Intraduct Cancer Rt. Breast diagnosed in Feb 2008. I went for Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy in 2008. It reoccurred with Rt. Axillar node and hand edema in 2011. Then I went for Ayurvedic conservative treatment with Dr. Aggarwal’s Panchakarma and Research Centre. Excellent relief from pain, hand edema also reduced and now I am living a normal life with no medication since Sep 2012.



I am K Niagra age 43 yrs and was suffering from Prostate Cancer. I went for treatment at Army Base Hospital and was treated for difficulty in urination for 12 yrs. But my condition was not improving, then after being advised by someone I contacted Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic Panchakarma & Research Center and started Cancer Ayurvedic Treatment. After proper treatment and following the lifestyle schedule as advised by Dr. Aggarwal now my sufferings have reduced. I am on maintenance dose of medicine with PSA values normal. I am happy to be back on my daily routine life, all thanks to Dr. Aggarwal.



I, Harman was suffering from Aplastic Anemia since 2010, advanced stage with Breathlessness, Bleeding Gums. I took Allopathic as well as homeopathic treatment with repeated blood transfusions as my Hemoglobin levels reduced to 2.2% & Platelets level decreased to 5000. But now with the help of Holistic treatment at Dr. Aggarwal’s Centre Platelets have risen to 1 lakh & Hemoglobin is 10.9%. Total counts also rose from 3100 to 9800, ESR also decreased from 149 to 21 today. Continuing his treatments & living better life. Thanks Dr. Aggarwal for saving my life.



I am Deepti Saini age 35, I was diagnosed as Non-Hodgkins (Blood Cancer) Lyphoma . After doing a number of chemo & radiation therapies at PGI Chandigarh, my body was not responding to any medicines. I was not even able to eat or drink. I was critically ill and my WBC count was dangerously low. There was no effect of any kind from allopathic treatment hence the doctors stopped my further treatment and predicted one month’s life, and discharged me. After losing hope there, I read about Ayurvedic treatment of cancer. With Dr. Aggarwal’s Ayurvedic treatment, my WBC, hemoglobin, platelets count increased. I am in normal condition even after 8 months of stopping allopathic treatment. Dr. Aggarwal’s Centre’s sincere efforts have put life into my life. Thanks for their service to humanity.



I am Jagdish Sharma age 67 a retired State bank Officer was diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer in 2012. I got 15 radiations & Chemotherapy was going on in PGI. I also went through surgery in 2013. I was feeling a lot more weakness & gas & low appetite was there. I lost around 15 Kgs. after the treatment. I got to know about Dr. Aggarwal & then I started his treatment. For now I am continuing his medicine & I am asymptomatic. I am full of energy & want to live again & Dr. Aggarwal’s team has given me new life. Thank you Dr. Aggarwal.



I am Sugandha Mishra age 36 from Ropar, I was suffering from Colon Cancer, had bleeding several times. I got Blood Transfused several times at PGI Chandigarh. Then I got to know about Dr. Aggarwal’s Centre, I went there & had extensive 30 day Panchakarma & Ayurveda Treatment. Now, my complaints are controlled & I am not continuing any medicine.



I am Shobha Gupta age 39 was diagnosed of cervix cancer, Aquamous Cell Carcinoma (Keratinizing Type). I was advised surgery by Fortis Hospital. After surgery, it reoccurred. Then I got to know about treatment with Ayurveda. I went to Dr. Aggarwal’s Centre at Mohali for an Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer which includes Panchakarma therapies. Previously I was having irregular Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding which is cured now by Panchakarma Therapies.



I Abdul Rahman age 39 was diagnosed as having Brain Tumor at a very advanced stage in 2010. I underwent surgery in July 2011 in PGI. Then I started treatment with Dr. Aggarwal’s Centre at Mohali. Now I am free from cancer symptoms like heaviness, headache, dyspnea (shortness of breath), vertigo etc. I am enjoying my work & living happily.



I am Narinder kaur age 65 living in Chandigarh. I was diagnosed as Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Cheek Stage II. I went for allopathic, homeopathic treatment & surgery was advised. I had to go for surgery in 2009. But it recurred and then I came into contact with Dr. Aggarwal’s Centre. By the medication prescribed and health management programme, now my cancer is completely cured. There is no sign of ulcer. I am a housewife able to do my normal chores and leading a very healthy and happy life.



I am Kulwinder kaur aged 59 yrs a retired Govt. Model School Sec-37 Principal, I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006. I was regularly taking treatment from PGI. I have been treated with Radiations & Chemotherapy. But after almost 6 months I was down again with symptoms like loss of appetite, loose motions & was not able to walk properly. I have not eaten for 20 days when I firstly met with Dr. Aggarwal’s team. Their team of doctors treated me for two months & now I am free from all types of cancer symptoms. Doctors earlier have told me that I will live for a few days but till now I am living a normal life.



Kasturi Lal Jindal, age 84. I live in Haryana, I was diagnosed with Myeloma in spine. Allopathic doctors had prescribed me oral chemotherapeutic drugs. After following this treatment for a period of time my condition got worse. Once while studying about cancer on internet I read about Dr. Aggarwal’s Research Centre and the Ayurvedic treatment for cancer being offered. I contacted Dr. Aggarwal and discussed my case. He recommended some herbal formulations and Panchakarma treatment. By taking this treatment and following their lifestyle management programme my condition is much better now.