Natural ways to treat swelling on feet


Ayurvedic treatment for swelling on feet

Ayurvedic Treatment for Swelling on Feet

Causes of swelling on feet-

There are many reasons of swelling on feet. It may be due to liver cirrhosis, kidney failure, cancer and arthritis. Here are some causes of swelling on feet due to arthritis.

Causes according to Ayurveda


Our current Lifestyle is a major reason of almost all diseases According to Ayurveda.  Arthritis occurs due to vitiated vata and ama (toxins) in the body. Following factors produce toxins and aggravate vata in body.

  • Regular Travelling-

It increases vata in body. Than vitiated vata get accumulated in joints along with ama (toxins) and cause swelling and pain.

  • Day time sleep-

Sleep during day time increase kapha dosha. Which further imbalance vata dosha and accumulate in joints and cause swelling and stiffness.

  • Late Night sleep-

It also increase vata dosha and cause gastric troubles. Which further produce ama (toxins) in body and causes joint disease.

  • Stress-

Stress imbalance all the doshas in body particularly vata. Vata dosha is the main cause of joint problems.

  • Alcohol consumption and Smoking-

They produce stress hormone. Which further imbalance all the doshas in body and causes joint problems like stiffness and swelling.

  • Irregular meal timing, Excessive consumption of cold, dry food like bread, Taking food in a very small quantity

These causes create gastric problems and helps in accumulation of ama. Ama is the main cause of swelling.


Following causes imbalance vata dosha which further cause joint problems –

  • Excessive exercise/ body movements such as running jumping
  • Emaciation due to worry, grief or diseases
  • Sleeping in uneven beds
  • Sitting in odd postures
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Suppression of natural urges
  • Excessive fasting
  • Falling down from heights or moving objects


Causes according to modern medical science-

  • Genes:
  • Defect in the body’s production of collagen, the protein that makes up cartilage. It causes osteoarthritis.
  • Weight
  • Overweight puts additional pressure on hips and knees. Excess fat tissue produces inflammatory chemicals (cytokines) that can damage the joints.
  • Injury of joints
  • Repetitive movements or injuries to joints (such as a fracture, surgery or ligament tears) can lead to swelling and pain of joint
  • Others:
  • These factors include bone and joint disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, certain metabolic disorders such as hyperuricaemia which causes the body to abnormal digestion of proteins resulting in high levels of Uric Acid.


Home remedies to treat swelling on feet

Fenugreek seeds-

Crush fenugreek seeds and roast them on low flame. Make paste with water and apply on the affected area. One of the best home remedy for swelling on feet.


  • Fry garlic cloves in mustard or sesame oil. Heat the garlic cloves till it turns black and strain the oil and massage it on affected area. It is result in pain relieving & helps to reduce swelling as well.


  • It acts as antiseptic and healing properties. It is used to treat inflammation since ages. Its extract named Curcumin is being used in Neutraceutical and Pharma industry as anti-inflammatory(swelling). It is that herb which is now considered as best Ayurvedic treatment for swelling on feet.


It has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in treating swelling and pain & its dried form called as sunthi is used in various pains and aches as home remedies.


  • It has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces swelling and stiffness in joints. It is also one of best herbs used in Ayurvedic treatment for swelling on feet.


  • Shatavari has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in reducing symptoms like cramps and pain and increases knee flexion.


  • It has amazing healing power. It has anti-inflammatory effects and increase healing process in the body. It provides nutrients that help in strengthening of bones and flush out excess uric acid. It leads to inflammation and provide relief from gout, joint pain, arthritis, and other problems. It is the best Ayurvedic treatment of swelling on feet.



  • Yoga

Yoga asanas help to get rid of joint pain easily and manage arthritic conditions.

Ayurvedic medicines

Aviajmod powder

It acts as natural anti inflammatory. It contains anti inflammatory contents. It acts as analgesic as well. Read more.

Spine and nerve care capsules

It is best Ayurvedic medicine for pain and swelling. Read more

Punarnavadi guggul

It act as best anti inflammatory and reduces pain. It is the best Ayurvedic medicine for swelling on feet. Read more


It is a natural pain killer. Read more.

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