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Herbs for Digestion

 Ayurveda is an invaluable gift for all of us. Hingwashtak powder (herbs for digestion) is a panacea in indigestion, indigestion and gas problem. All diseases flourish in the stomach path, if the stomach is kept healthy, then we can avoid many diseases. Stomach can be kept healthy by its proper digestion. Proper meal at right time is very necessary for good digestion.

This churan is used for centuries as household remedy to treat stomach ailments to maintain proper function of the gastrointestinal tract. Primarily used for eliminative functions such as defecation, micturation & flatulence. Excellent medicine for stomach gas, indigestion, constipation and other common problems associated with poor metabolism. The indigestion means the first meal to be re-prepared before digesting. The first indigestible food starts rotting in the stomach and there is a gas problem. The gas stops coming out of the stomach but does not get out, which causes pain in the stomach, it is called as “afara” in common language. Now it does not make any difference to the stomach. Due to the problem of indigestion and gas, the fire of man dims, which means suffering from stomach and does not feel hungry.

Everyone of us may experience indigestion/flatulence one or the other time when we overeat. Such indigestions have to be tackled naturally. Ayurveda suggest us a preparation called “Hingvastak churna” to increase digestion and relieve indigestion.


DIGESTIVE SYSTEM-This churan is very useful in digestion. It increases digestive fire (Agni). 13 types of Agnis are mentioned in Ayurveda but main is digestive fire/ Agni. All other Agnis are dependent on digestive Agni. Digestive fire digests what we eat. If the digestive fire is not good than it will not digest properly and that food will create toxins(ama) in body. Ama causes bundle of symptoms like-indigestion, stiffness, swelling, pains, loss of appetite, diarrhea etc.

This churan is very useful in symptoms like- ama, prevents accumulation of ama, indigestion, loss of appetite, diarrhea, stomach pain, heaviness in stomach, colitis. It has best herbs for digestion.

IRRITABLE BOWEL DISEASE-This powder is very useful in symptoms present in irritable bowel disease like-motion after meals, loss of taste.

LIVER-This is very effective in symptoms caused by improper function of liver.

It increases bile juices. Bile juices are responsible for digestion.

It can be used with jayfal and camphor for proper section of bile juices and proper digestion.

Hingwastak  powder should be used in the problem of stomach pain and gas as hepatitis extends out the air which is stopped in the intestine, which provides miraculous benefits in the stomachache caused by gas.  If it is taken with hot water, then the stomach in the stomach, the apan air emits out of the jaw and ends the stress of the stomach. Hing is a good digestive fluid. Therefore, the use of Hingavashtak food quickly digested. Those who have indigestion disease must use Hingavashtak as it contains wonderful herbs for digestion. Those who have constipation and are disturbed by stomach worms they also have a miraculous benefit from Hingavastak. Those who have weaknesses, which means they have to go away after eating them – they should eat some kind of nutmeg and camphor in the Hingvashak powders. Of course you will get the benefit.  Use in Amshul is quick to get relief.  If you do not feel hungry then using 2 grams of powders with whey    will increase hunger soon. If the stomach is very heavy it can be used with hot water. It has herbs for digestion which cures indigestion naturally.Saindhava lavan (edible salt) used in the formulation which helps in digestion by softening food and aiding secretion of digestive juices. Hingu is instantly effective on flatulence.   Ingredients:Shunthi(Zingiber officinale) 1 part Saindhav lavan(Rock salt) 1 partKalimaricha(Black Pepper) 1 partJira Safed(Cumin) 1 partPippali(Piper longum) 1 partkala Jira(Black cumin) 1 partAjwain(Carum couticum) 1 partHingu(Asafoetida Resin) 1 part 

DOSAGE: 3-5 GRAMS with lukewarm water after meals.

Precaution in Children- It contains hingu & black pepper so don’t give below 2 years.


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