Herbs for Parkinsons KAPIKACHU





Herbs for Parkinsons KAPIKACHU

Kapikachhu Botanical name: Mucuna pruriens Hook. Hindi name: Kaunch, Kevanch English name: Cow-hage, Cow itch, Velvet beans Each capsule contains 750mg extract of Kapikachhu Best herbs for Parkinson treatment

Ayurvedic Properties Guna (qualities) – Guru (heavy to digest), Snigdha (unctuous, oilyness) Rasa (taste) – Madhura (sweet), Tikta (bitter) Vipaka (taste conversion after digestion) – madhur (sweet) Veerya(Potency)  –   Ushna (Hot) Prabhava (Special effect) – Vrushya (aphrodisiac)

Effect on Tridosha – balances all the three Doshas

Chemical Constituents L-dopa or levodopa is present in the seed as well as in the stem, leaves, and roots. Other alkaloids found in the seed are mucuadine, mucuadinine, mucuadininine and prurienidine.

Parts used: Seed, root, pod hair.

Herb Functions Anti-Parkinson activity The seeds have L-dopa, which is a neurotransmitter precursor and an effective drug for treating Parkinson’s Disease.

Libido enhancer Increases libido, potency, sperm parameters, daily sperm production and testosterone levels as well.

Male sexual dysfunction The herb is recommended for oligospermia or low sperm count. It increases sperm count and motility. Kapikacchu improves the semen profile by inhibiting lipid peroxidation, elevating spermatogenesis, and improving the biochemical parameters in seminal plasma by restoring the levels of lipids, vitamins A, C, and E, and fructose.

Mucuna Pruriens helps reduce excessive prolactin and increases testosterone in the body. Many women and men notice an increase in sexual desire, libido, and performance when taking the herb due to higher testosterone levels and mucuna is often considered an aphrodisiac. Releases bound up testosterone, increasing the level of bio-available testosterone. Strengthens and tones the sexual glands. Increases blood circulation to the genitals.

The female reproductive system Strengthens and tones the sexual glands. It also regulates ovulation cycles in women. It also causes uterine constriction on external application. It also induces menstruation, hence used in the treatment of amenorrheoa, this is the best Herbs for Parkinson’s.

Nervous System

  • Acts as a restorative nutrient for the nervous system.
  • kapikachhu is known as a nerve tonic and adaptogen that helps the body deal with stress.
  • Decreases symptoms of stress and anxiety. Calms nerves.
  • L-dopa is a powerful neurotransmitter in your brain involved in mood, alertness, sexuality and many other important functions.
  • Useful in neurological disorders.

    Other Roles

  • Reduces inflammation.
  • Reduces fat and improves muscle tone. (By supporting healthy testosterone levels, Mucuna pruriens supports anabolic metabolism, increasing your tendency to burn fat and to build muscle.)
  • improves strength and immunity
  • useful in bleeding diseases
  • useful in healing infected wounds with pus formation.
  • Mucuna gently increases dopamine by providing L-dopa
  • Increases energy levels, enhances concentration, and improves mood. By raising low dopamine levels, mucuna pruriens can have a positive effect on motivation, attention span, general outlook, and many other aspects of mental well being.
  • Raising dopamine with mucuna pruriens can stimulate human growth hormone production. Increasing HGH within your body is associated with enhanced muscle growth, improved fat burning, and anti-aging effects.
  • Mucuna benefits also include improved relaxation and help to get to sleep

Why kapikachu is better than L- dopa? There is no increase in dyskinesias (a movement disorder seen in Parkinson’s Disease) with the administration of Kapikacchu, a phenomenon which is commonly encountered with increased doses of L-Dopa treatment. This suggests that Kapikacchu or mucuna pruriens formulations may actually have a higher bioavailability (absorption rates) than standard L-dopa preparations, that’s why it is one of the best herbs for parkinson’s treatment.

Research on Mucuna It is helpful in normalizing nerve cell function. Research on Kapikachhu suggested its neurotransmitter function. In a research experiment, it significantly inhibited the oxidation of lipids. At a Research in Lucknow, India Kapikachhu showed that it can normalize male fertility.

Special herbs for parkinson treatment are Aswagandha, Brahmi, jyotishmati are the best herbs for parkinson treatment along with Kapikachu.

WHY Ayurveda24 Kapikachu? 750 mg standardized extract of the herb. Others have 250 mg /500 mg powders or extracts. More potent – concentrated with L-dopa. The cost of the raw herb is less than 1/10 the price of extract which we use. The raw herb is gathered from the lush green & pollution free atmosphere of the Himalayan region, south India –Kerala & Madhya Pradesh No preservatives or chemicals Organic Product Specialized method adopted to make extracts so that the herb does not lose its working element and ‘Guna’. BEST Quality standardized extracts. Best herbs for parkinson treatment.


The herb should be administered only under Doctor Supervision or Guidance. Consult your doctor before giving to Pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding women, Note: Since ayurveda24 Herbs for Parkinson’s in capsule form, some children below 14 years may find it difficult to swallow them. For this reason, Pure Herbs are recommended for children ages 14 and above.

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100 gms. Powder, 200 gms. Powder, 500 gms powder, 60 caps(750 mg. Extract)1 Pack, 2 packs (120 caps), 5 packs(300 caps)

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