lavanbhaskar Churan



2-3 gms twice a day with water or butter milk.



Lavan Bhaskar is a traditionally prepared ayurvedic herbal powder that is used widely in treatment of abdominal pain, chronic indigestion, constipation, flatulence and gastritis. It is a mix of various salts that cures acidity, soothes irritation in the stomach lining caused by hyperacidity and boosts digestion by stimulating enzyme production.

Best in Treatment for abdominal pain (any etiology). If pain is not resolved then go for hot water bottle fomentation & also can give sootshekhar rasa & Agnitundi vati.

In Ayurveda, herbs have been of vital importance, which have been used to prevent diseases from time to time. Yes, we are telling you about the benefits of one such ayurvedic medicine, by which you will get rid of many diseases. There are many types of nutrients found in this that protect us against stomach-related diseases. Lavan bhaskar is specially used for ayurvedic Treatment for abdominal pain.


Digestive System

This powder is very useful in problems related to digestive tract like-dyspepsia, constipation, gastritis.

Lavan Bhaskar reduces AMA (toxins) formation in the stomach and intestine. Thus, it detoxifies the body and aids in the elimination of the toxic chemicals from the body. It mainly acts on the stomach and modulates the secretions of gastric acid and thus improves appetite and digestion. It also reduces gas accumulation and its formation, which ultimately helps to treat bloating, abdominal distension, gas, flatulence, abdominal pain, and constipation.

Intestinal Gas

The main cause of intestinal gas is ‘mandagni’ means digestive fire is not working properly .This powder increases bile juice production and maintains proper digestion by increasing digestive fire. Lavan Bhaskar along with Arogyavardhani Vati and Lasunadi Vati helps in the treatment of intestinal gas & is generally advised in combination in indigestion.

Loss of Appetite

Lavan Bhaskar improves appetite by acting on gastric secretions. It increases the secretion of the gastric juice and aids in digestion. Some ingredients also improve the liver functions and thus boost appetite.

Pain in Chest

In some cases, gas accumulates in the abdomen due to constipation and patient experience heaviness in stomach (Afara) which causes fermentation of food and further gas formation. Due to accumulation of gas patient feels pain in the chest. In such case, Lavan Bhaskar along with Arogyavardhani Vati and Chiruvilwadi Kashayam is more beneficial and useful. In this case, use this powder at night with desi ghee and take mild laxative like castor oil.

Due to decrease in production of bile juices, indigestion occurs which in turn causes heaviness  & pain in abdomen, belching. Use Lavan Bhaskar powder before meals with water and after meals with butter milk in treatment for abdominal pain.


This is very useful in piles. It occurs due to abdominal distension, indigestion which causes constipation and constipation is main cause of hemorrhoids. In this case use Lavan Bhaskar powder with butter milk to increase digestion.


In colitis patient feels symptoms like constipation, indigestion, frequent motion. The main cause of these symptoms is food fermentation. In this case Lavan Bhaskar can be used with Panchamrit Parpati.


Due to agnimandhya (Improper digestion) constipation occurs which causes abdominal pain and abdominal pain resists motion. In this case use Lavan Bhaskar powder with Panchaskar Powder.

Gulam (Bloating)

Bloating is basically accumulation of vata in abdomen. Lavan Bhaskar is very useful in treatment of bloating in abdomen which causes abdominal pain. It is useful in both males and females. In this case use this powder with soda bicarbonate in equal quantity with lemon juice.

Rheumatoid arthritis (Ama Vata)

It occurs due to accumulation of ama in the body which causes stiffness and swelling. Lavan bhaskar powder is very effective in this disease.


Lavan Bhaskar powder is very beneficial in spleen enlargement.

Effects on Tridosha

It helps to balance the Vata & Kapha dosha in the gastro intestinal tract. This vata and kapha pacifying appetizer is an effective antioxidant. Not only does it act as a digestive stimulant, Lavan Bhaskar Churan is also a mild laxative, diuretic, carminative along with being an antispasmodic and antiflatulent.


Quiet a popular Ayurvedic medicine, Lavan Bhaskar Churan has salt as its prime ingredient, along with other herbs like cinnamon, cardamom, coriander as well as ginger.

Twak – 1 part

Ela -1 part

Marich- 2 part

Shwetajeerak- 2 parts

Shunthi -2 parts

Pippali -4 parts

Pippalimoola- 4 parts

Dhanyak -4 parts

Krushnajeerak- 4 parts

Saindhav -4 parts

Bidlavan -4 parts

Tejpatra -4 parts

Talispatra 4c parts

Nagkeshar- 4 parts

Amlavetas -4 parts

Dadimbeej -8 parts

Souvarchal -10 parts

Samudralavan -16 parts


Treatment of abdominal pain, indigestion, gas, acidity.

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100 gms. Powder, 200 gms. Powder, 500 gms powder

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