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Ayurvedic Treatment for Cancer

Ayurvedic Treatment For Cancer At Advance Ayurveda

It helps to eliminate cancer through the following ways: Adjuvant or Co-therapy Along With Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy, Slower the spread & progress of cancer, Anti-tumor Plant Drugs & Cell Protective Activity.
1) Adjuvant or Co-therapy Along With Chemotherapy or Radiation therapy

According to Allopathy chemotherapy is the first gold line treatment described in the metastatic tumors (which is given even after surgery). It reduces the fast multiplication of tumor cells. However, it lowers the immunity of the surrounding healthy body cells thus making the patient more susceptible to the disease. Even allopathic doctors recommend the patients not to interact with anyone for 2-3 days after the therapy to avoid any infection. Now, these chemicals used in chemotherapy are not sensitive to cancer cells only, they also harm the normal healthy cells of the patient due to which a patient suffers multiple problems like hair loss, vomiting sensation, loss of appetite, decreased Hemoglobin & Platelet count. He also feels decreased energy levels & reduced immunity.

The use of antioxidants & free radical scavenger herbs can enhance the immunity & energy levels during chemotherapy, thus we can improve the quality of life of the patient. The Rasayana therapy in Ayurveda is administered in these stages. Ayurvedic medicine has been proved to be very helpful in protecting the body from side effects of chemotherapy/radiotherapy like alopecia, nausea, constipation, anorexia, and vomiting. Patients are more regular with their chemotherapy cycles as the hematological levels can be maintained to a normal state.

Snehana or Ghritt Panam is also administered prior to Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy sessions as it reduces the side effects of both the treatments & helps the patient to tolerate both.

2. Slower the spread and progress of cancer

Chemotherapy & radiotherapy is not indicated in some cases due to reasons like age factor, body resistance, origin and location of cancer, related side effects, etc. In such cases, there is no option left. Ayurveda helps in these cases by slowing the spread and progress of cancer. The complete treatment protocol followed in Ayurveda increases the overall immunity of the body.

3. Anti-tumor Plant Drugs

There are many herbs that have been listed in Ayurveda for its anti-tumor /anti-cancer properties. Some plants help in dealing with the side-effects of chemotherapy like decreased hemoglobin, blood platelet count, etc. Comprehensive reviews and studies at various Cancer Institute in different parts of the world suggest the use of different plant species for the treatment of cancer or other conditions such as warts and tumors.

Every plant contains thousands of substances like alkaloids, steroids, flavonoids, terpenoids and other molecules with bioactivity. Ayurvedic medicine for cancer may consist of different kinds of elements from various herbs. These preparations act on a wide variety of tissues through different mechanisms.

In the USA, the Cancer Chemotherapy National Service Centre (CCNSC) has examined thousands of plant extracts for some common tumor systems consisting of solid tumors and leukemia. At the Cancer Research Institute (CRI) in Bombay, around 600 species of indigenous plants have been examined using standard transplantable tumors of which eight plants hold potential to treat cancer. The Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) at Lucknow carried out a study of various plant extracts for their biological activities and has confirmed about 70 plants having anti-cancer activity.

4. Cell Protective Activity

Various drugs are prescribed in Rasayana Therapy to improve the quality of life for cancer patients. As discussed, allopathic cancer treatment has various side effects due to which patient faces issues like hair loss, vomiting sensation, loss of appetite, decreased Hemoglobin & Platelet count. He also feels decreased energy levels & reduced immunity. Many herbs are known which can protect cells from various toxic effects.

For example Blood transfusions during the treatment on a regular basis lead to the development of chronic iron overload in the body which has serious side effects like cirrhosis of the liver, cardiac problems, etc. Our Ayurvedic treatment helps to cope with all such issues.

We can say that Ayurvedic treatment is useful both ways, it adds years to life and also adds life to years. That’s what we believe in “WE PUT LIFE INTO LIFE”.

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