How to avoid dialysis?

When kidneys can’t work properly they are not able to filter waste from blood. Dialysis is a artificial process to help do the function that kidneys perform. Slowly frequency of dialysis keeps on increasing and kidneys become totally dependent on dialysis and whatever little function they were doing, they stop that also.

With Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure dialysis can be avoided. If patient is already undergoing dialysis, then frequency of dialysis slowly reduces and ultimately stops. Transplant will never be needed.

Diet changes-

Stop non- veggie diet- All kidney failure patients are suggested not to take any non-vegie diet, as non-veg diet tends to increase the value of urea, Creatinine.

Egg white specially is suggested that too once In 15 days.

Potassium – this is a rare element which gets elevated in kidney cases. Too much of potassium can make your heart beat irregularly or even stop without warning. All green leafy veggies should be boiled in excess amount of water, then the water is drained before consumption of a kidney patient. The patient has to limit all fruits that contains potassium specially banana, Apricots and other fruits as well.

A renal failure patient can only have two fruits ie. Apple and papaya. For diabetic nephropathy patients we have to limit the quantity of servings as it can also increase the diabetes levels. Cranberries, grapes, Pineapples & strawberries can be consumed as well.

Sabudana kheer is advised to all ckd patients. For diabetic Nephropathy patients we can add natural sweetener like stevia leaves powder.

All renal failure patients tend to have low levels of calcium for the same we need to give calcium rich diet. Or you can consult your doctor for any supplements

Phosphorous tend to be high for all chronic kidney disease patients so we need to limit phosphorous in diet as well. Mainly cereals (dals) contains phosphorous which should again be boiled & water drained out before cooking. Meat also contains phosphorous, so we recommend not to eat the same for kidney patients. Increased phosphorous can increase back pain or pain anywhere in body & increase skin rashes. Also high levels of phosphorous in blood can lead to brittle bones.

Say no to dark colored colas, nuts and sunflower seeds, bran cereals & oatmeal. Peanut butter, cheese, Sardines, Chicken/beef liver, nuts, caramels, Beer & Ice cream are other phosphorous rich foods which a kidney patient needs to avoid.

Uric Acid tends to increase for all kidney failure patients, so in Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure we have supplements which decrease the same. Moreover , we need to limit all oxalates in diet such as fruits and veggies which have seeds like brinjals, lady finger, Spinach, Beans, tomato( tomato ‘s outer shell can be consumed)& cucumber, guava etc.

Sodium– Sodium also tends to accumulate in body of kidney patients. More sodium can increase fluid retention and leads to swelling various parts of body like ankles. Reduce salt intake in diet. All hypertensive nephropathy patients should decrease salt intake in diet. Say no to pickles, pudina(mint) chutneys etc. Unsalted popcorns and broccoli can be consumed. Low sodium salts are not suitable for ckd patients as it contains a lot of potassium. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure recommends ‘saindhav lavan’ to such patients.

Red and yellow belpeppers can be cooked & eaten for a kidney failure patient.

Proteins – In case of Dialysis patients – A high protein diet is recommended ie. 8-10 ounces of high protein food per day. This is to help you to replace muscles & other tissues which a dialysis patient loose. Milk & Egg white are recommended in Dialysis patients. I would advice cheese made from fresh milk at home from one glass of milk daily to a kidney patient.


Ayurveda 24’s Capsule, nephroactive plus- helps to increase blood flow to kidneys & increase the Urine Output.

It helps to lower Urea & Creatinine as well.

Ayurveda 24’s Capsule Punnarnav helps to repair renal parenchyma. It is the best herb written in our Ayurvedic Text books which helps in improving kidney function. It effect on lowering Urea Creatinine has been scientifically proven.

Ayurveda 24’s kidney care kadha helps to improve kidney function. It has some herbs which can improve,
below link will help you understand how Ayurvedic medicine will help to stop dialysis.
Many patients have been asking me for pharmacology/pharmacognosy for Ayurvedic Drugs, which very difficult to establish. But few points I have listed in this video. Here is a complete video discussing natural ways to avoid Dialysis.

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