Diet For Kidney Failure Patients

Diet for kidney failure patients

Toxic Foods To Avoid In Kidney Failure

Ayurvedic Treatment For Kidney Failure

The tips can be used with any type of kidney disease to reduce

the stress on renal organs and slow down the disease progress.

What kind of changes do I need to make on a renal failure diet?

We have to limit the amount of protein This directly helps to decrease waste in your blood.

Foods that are high in protein are poultry (chicken and turkey), meat, eggs, fish, and dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt).

Kidney patients should limit the amount of phosphorus, Kidneys cannot get rid of extra phosphorus that builds up in your blood. This may cause bones to lose calcium and weaken as high phosphorous leads to less absorption.

Foods rich in phosphorus are beans, nuts, dairy products, peas, and whole grains. Phosphorus is also found in cocoa, beer, and cola drinks.

Kidney patients should limit sodium content in daily food items.

If you have high blood pressure or extra fluid in your body.

Kidney patients need to reduce their sodium(Na) intake to 1500 mg every day.

Canned foods, salted snacks, Table salt, soups, and processed meats, like sausage & deli meats are rich in sodium content.

Kidney patients have to Limit potassium content in food as well.

Potassium is found in all fruits and vegetables. Patients should limit fruits and vegetables that are high in potassium LIKE POMEGRANATE BANANA, GUAVA, ORANGE.

Limit the amount of liquids or water intake should be restricted to all kidney patients specially who are on stage 5.

If your body retains fluids, you will have swelling and fluid may build up in your lungs. This can cause other health problems, such as shortness of breath or breathlessness.

Our ayurvedic treatment for kidney failure more depends upon, diet for kidney failure patients. More the patient follows diet more the better results.

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