Ayurvedic Treatment for High Uric Acid Kaishore Guggul


250 mg tablet contain

Triphala (Haritaki, Vibhitaki and Amalaki fruit rind) –-96 mg

Amruta – Guduchi – Tinospora cordifolia – 32 mg

Guggulu – Commiphora mukul – 32 mg

Trikatu – Pepper, long pepper and ginger – 2.5 mg
Vidanga – False Black pepper – Embelia ribes – 2.5 mg

Danti – Baliospermum montanum – root – 2.5 mg
Trivrit – Operculina turpethum – 2.5 mg
Ghrita – quantity sufficient.

MRP- 240 Rs. 60 tablets


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Kaishore guggul

Kaishore guggulu (also called pathyadi guggulu) is excellent drug used for ayurvedic treatment for high uric acid, gouty arthritis, inflammatory myopathy, unhealed wounds, diabetic carbuncles etc.

Kaishore Guggul is used as a ayurvedic treatment for high uric acid which balances the vitiated vata and pitta both in muscles & helps both joints and muscles to function normally. It also helps in purification of the impure blood that’s why used in Ayurvedic treatment for skin disorders.

It is widely used for patients of high uric acid & stiffness. According to Ayurveda methodology, If Vata (Air element) & Pitta (Fire element) gets vitiated or accumulated in joints they get inflamed & deformed(as in gouty arthritis). So, in this condition with excess pain and inflammation if we use Kaishore guggul, it will help provide proper functioning of all joints & balancing of the Doshas (Humors) will be there alongwith. It is a choice of drug as ayurvedic medicine for  skin disorders as it will keep your skin healthy.

It helps to corrects the functioning of stomach and intestines as well, which helps in improving digestion and removing accumulated toxins from the body. In detail, we discuss further health benefits and uses of Kaishore guggulu as follows.


Hyperuricaemia & gouty arthritis

This is the first and foremost disease in which kaishore guggul is prescribed worldly. Modern medicine mostly explain infective pathology or high levels of uric acid behind the gouty arthritris (or high uric acid pain).  Ayurveda on the other hand explain that these are metabolic disorders & scientifically it has been proved that liver is that organ which manufactures extra Uric acid.  The medicine which is going to work on high Uric Acid should work on metabolism & corrects liver functioning as well. Exactly, Kaishore guggulu is that herbal combination that helps to corrects the metabolism & is working to correct liver functioning as well. So, it is the best Ayurvedic treatment for high uric acid. In some cases It’s use has been recommended alongwith Aarogyavardhani vati.

Fibromyalgia when Uric Acid is involved

However, for fibromyalgia, yograj guggul is best, but kaishore guggulu works well in cases with high Uric Acid. It further reduces muscle tenderness, stiffness and shifting pain due to fibromyalgia. Few  ayurvedic specialists use this supplement along with yograj guggul or mahayograj guggul for better results in fibromyalgia. It works on vitiated VATA and PITTA and reduces inflammation and muscle spasm.

Ayurvedic medicine for Boils, wounds and Carbuncles

Kaishore guggulu has been found to posses antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial like action as it helps in treating boils and carbuncles.

Diabetes is a common condition in which carbuncles occur anytime. Kaishore guggul also works well on blood glucose level and corrects the problem of cellular resistance to insulin. Moreover, it reduces infection, swelling and pus discharge from the carbuncles. So, it is utilized as one of the drug in Ayurvedic treatment of diabetes as well.

Ayurvedic treatment for Acne vulgaris

Kaishore guggulu is a blood purifier, has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory action . Therefore, it helps in curing acne, zits and pimples of any kind. However, its effects on hormones are still unknown, but it stops recurrence of the acne in about 70% cases.

It is used with various other herbs & supplements in various conditions.

  1. For joint health it can be used with “Shilajit“.
  2. For high uric acid it may be used with aarogyavardhani vati, giloy satva and amritadi guggul.
  3. For Vata (Air) conditions of joints can be used with “Maharasnadi quath ” or with Castor oil or mahayograj guggul.
  4. In Ayurvedic treatment for skin diseases it is used with “Mahamanjistha Kwath” .
  5. In fibromyalgia, one can use or aplly our “Maha Narayan Oil” and “Maha Vishgarba Oil” and “Maha Vishgarba Oil” locally on affected joints & muscles.


Blood Purifier.

  • Supports healthy skin. Helps in purification of blood that maintains skin health.
  • Useful in foot nail health.
  • Kaishore Guggul is a famous Ayurvedic herbal compound used to purify blood.
  • Helps to detoxify body for proper joints health.
  • Supports healthy metabolism in the body.
  • Supports healthy liver function.
  • It acts as anti-aging.

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